About Dr Dan Jess

Dr Dan JessA career marketing strategist with 18+ years experience as a research practitioner, lecturer, author and presenter, Dr Dan Jess is Australia’s leading expert on strategic ambidexterity and marketing innovation. 

Challenging the status quo has always been important to Dr Dan, who began professional life working in stuffy legal offices where creativity was undesirable and taboo. Realising that great leadership demands access to as much creativity as it does logic and reason, he went on to take roles in various marketing, advertising, technology and investment companies before launching multiple new companies, including a digital advertising agency, multiple education groups, and an Australia-first, specialised voice examinations college.

A lifelong learner, Dr Dan holds multiple qualifications in strategic marketing, business administration, commercial leadership and educational leadership. He regularly presents at conferences, seminars and workshops for peak bodies in various industries, is an adjunct professor of marketing strategy, published researcher and author. 

Dr Dan believes that everyone should have access to current and emerging academic research and literature, to help empower their leadership, growth and development. In line with this, he is the founder and current Chief Editor of the International Journal of Inclusive Advertising. Dr Dan has also been a long-time private singing educator and voice consultant, and has led multiple research projects in the arts and education sectors. 

Current Appointments:

  • CEO & Founder – Often Digital
  • Academic Dean & Professor – Rann Institute
  • Director of Examinations – Australian Vocal Examinations College (AVEC) 
  • Chief Editor – International Journal of Inclusive Advertising (IJIA)
  • Deputy Chairperson – InCommunity Inc. (incorporating Tenancy Skills Institute). 

Qualifications include: 

  • Doctor of Professional Studies (cand.) 
  • Doctor of Sacred Music (USA)
  • MBA (Strategic Marketing) & Post-Grad Cert Business (USQ)
  • Fellowship in Reparative Vocal Techniques; Fellowship in Voice Teaching (AVEC)
  • Licentiate in Singing (AMEB); Licentiate in Musical Theatre Performance (AVEC). 

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I believe that everyone has an intrinsic right to enjoy equal access to quality education. 

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Want to achieve highly? Do what you love, and do it more often. Take energy from your work. 

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