strategic ambidexterity

Dr Dan Jess’s principal commercial and research expertise is in the field of strategic ambidexterity and leadership innovation. He assists companies of varying sizes to develop high-performing leaders who concurrently apply multiple approaches to strategy, to maximise their commercial growth.

Dr Dan Jess Strategic Ambidexterity Expert
Dr Dan Jess Brisbane Australia

digital advertising

Dr Dan’s experience in leading teams to execute award-winning creative digital campaigns spans two decades. He has authored multiple case studies on the strategic combination of multiple approaches and channels to drive significant commercial growth for brands in Australia. 


An experienced leader himself, Dr Dan has written multiple guides, training materials, books, texts and articles on strategic leadership for marketing agencies, marketers and in the music industry. 

Dr Dan Jess Brisbane Australia


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Dr Dan Jess accepts multiple speaking engagements each year. If you’d like to discuss your event requirements, please contact him via this website, by clicking here now

Supervisors for research programs are usually organised directly between the student (you) and your university (the program provider). However, it is not uncommon for a research candidate’s supervisory board to include industry experts. If you would like to have Dr Dan co-supervise your research project, please contact him directly via this website, but also let your university research program coordinator know, because your university, faculty or school may have limitations on who can and cannot be a supervisor to your project. Dr Dan is happy to consider all relevant applications, provided your area of study aligns with his expertise and experience (which is the point of having a supervisor). 

As an expert in leadership and strategic marketing, Dr Dan can be engaged as a private consultant or writer to create cutting-edge, up-to-date training materials for you to deliver. If you require it, he may also be engaged to deliver the materials directly to your team or clients, too. Just get in touch to discuss your needs. 

As publications come to hand, Dr Dan will add links to the “Resources” page on this website.