How does Dr Dan Jess teach singing lessons in Brisbane?

Learning to sing should always be a fun, rewarding and exciting time for you. Your voice teacher should be by your side, guiding you to discover how best to safely use your voice to create beautiful sounds, while instructing you on the technical skills needed to keep your voice healthy for a lifetime.

Dr Dan Jess has taught singing in Brisbane for more than 18 years now, and is well-equipped to mentor you towards uncovering your own individual, unique sound. Highly experienced as a performer, teacher and stage directors, Dr Dan takes a collaborative approach to teaching, and inspires you to try different things out to see what works best for your voice.

Teaching you contemporary, classical, musical theatre, jazz or opera, Dr Dan combines a range of methods including Kodaly, Accent Breathing Method, Suzuki, Dalcroze and Orff Schulwerk, depending on your needs and learning preferences. That doesn’t mean much to most students, but it is important for you to engage a singing teacher who has lots of different skills and areas of music education knowledge, otherwise you risk being taught in a ‘carbon copy’ kind of way, which is unpleasant and unrewarding for your development.

Lesson Structure

We always commence with a warm up – keeping your voice safe and healthy is our number one priority. You only have one voice for a whole lifetime.

Then we move into studies and pieces of music, working closely together to bring out the best sounds for each song with your voice, finding moments along the way to work on technical aspects of your training. Breaking up the technical training in this way prevents you (or me!) from getting bored. We have fun lessons!

Towards the end, we might do some listening work (aural skills), which are important to your development as an active, engaging singer, or we might even cover some music theory items, if you are planning to prepare for theory exams (most students do, because music theory helps you become a much better singer).

How are lessons made fun?

Regardless of your age, singing lessons with Dr Dan Jess in Brisbane always involve laughs, happiness and progression. You will feel rewarded when you’re able to perform a song to the best of your ability, and by being focused together in the studio, we’ll achieve great things for your voice. We can also discuss preparing you for singing competitions (Eisteddfods, the Voice, etc), choir work, school performances or even exams with AMEB or Trinity College. There will never be a boring lesson at Dr Dan’s studio!

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