Get started with singing lessons in Brisbane with Dr Dan Jess! Our private one-on-one singing lessons are all-inclusive and held on a weekly basis. You don’t have to buy anything additional – just turn up, learn, take your music and sound recordings to practice with at home, and have a great time while doing it!

Weekly Singing Lessons – 60 Minutes – $85 all inclusive.

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Check out these FAQs for more info

What’s included in singing lessons with Dr Dan Jess?

Everything you need to learn and practice singing is right at your fingertips. At Ricochet Studios, singing lessons with Dr Dan are fully inclusive. You will not need to purchase any learning materials, sheet music or books. Rehearsal tracks are recorded during your lesson so you can practice at home on your device of choice. If you choose to sit for singing, teaching or music theory exams, we will discuss which is the best provider for you (AVEC, LCM, AMEB, Trinity College or other private institutions). Please note, each of those institutions charge fees for their exams. However, they are generally not expensive.

What is Dr Dan’s availability for singing lessons?

Dr Dan teaches every day except for Sundays. He is currently accepting new students. Please contact him directly on 0434 145 881 or contact us here to ask about available times for singing lessons.

Do I need to have experience, or does Dr Dan take beginners too?

Dr Dan will teach any person of any age and skill level. While he regularly coaches professional singers or those wanting a career as a performer or vocal arts teacher, Dr Dan also teaches many beginners and amateur singers who learn just for fun. Whatever you like, we can help!

What is the pricing for lessons?

All inclusive lessons are $85 per hour (60 minutes). Lessons are held weekly and each term consists of 10 weeks. You may book additional lessons outside of each 10-week term, at our discretion.

Do I have to pay upfront for lessons?

Payment in full by 10-week term is preferred, however, we are more than happy to sort out individual payment plans.

Do you offer fortnightly lessons?

Our schedules are locked in on a weekly basis, and we don’t currently offer fortnightly lessons.

Do you offer discounts for multiple lessons, students or pensioners?

All teachers at Ricochet Studios are highly trained experienced vocal experts, with exceptional knowledge of the music industry. We do our best to keep our price point accessible to everyone, but we do not offer discounts of any sort for our classes.

What age can my child start singing lessons?

Dr Dan believes that the earlier a child starts learning proper singing technique, the better! He will accept students from 6 years old onwards. Lessons for children aged 6-9 years will be 30 minutes weekly, not 60 minutes, charged at $45.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

No, sorry. But you’re welcome to book for a single lesson with Dr Dan to see how well you will work together, before committing to ongoing lessons.

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