While we are a relaxed and relatively informal singing studio in Brisbane, we do have to operate as a business and meet certain obligations. To help us with this, we appreciate your understanding and commitment to adhering to these simple policies. These policies are the terms and conditions of your enrolment in our studios.

Lessons are contracted by term (10 weeks)

All students are enrolled on a term-by-term basis. Each term consists of 10 weeks. There are four terms each year, in line with Education Queensland school terms. You may elect to book extra lessons outside of those 4 x 10 week terms, at our discretion.

Lesson cancellations – by you

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must advise your singing teacher by email, phone call or SMS before 10AM on the date of your lesson. If you do this, your teacher will arrange a make-up lesson time with you. If you fail to notify your teacher by that time, no make-up lesson will be offered. All lessons in every enrolled term must be paid for.

Lesson cancellations – by us

If your teacher needs to postpone or cancel your lesson due to another commitment or illness, we will work with you to secure a make-up lesson at a time that suits both teacher and student. You will not forfeit any lessons cancelled or postponed by us.

Policy regarding illness

Please never bring an illness into the studio while you are contagious. Our teachers are all working singers, and it is very important that they do not catch colds or flu from students. This would mean having to cancel engagements and teaching, which results in considerable loss of income. If you are sick, notify your teacher and we’ll provide a make-up lesson later on, when you are well again. Do NOT turn up for a lesson if you are unwell.

Behaviour while on-site or during related engagements

As a student of Ricochet Studios, you are expected to maintain high standards of good behaviour, regardless of your age or skill level. While on-site (before, during and after singing lessons) or while engaged in related activities (concerts, recitals, Eisteddfods, exams, performances, etc) – you are to maintain good behaviour at all times. Foul or bad language or poor behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. Ricochet Studios reserves its right to immediately cancel your enrolment with us at any time due to poor behaviour on your part. [That said, we have never once had to do this – because everyone is generally very well behaviour – which is great]!

First Aid, Injuries, OH&S and WH&S

All Ricochet Studios teachers are trained in relevant OH&S and WH&S rules and procedures, as far as they pertain to private studio teaching. Most of our teachers are Senior First Aid qualified, but some are not. If you are injured on-site – whether it is before, during or after your lesson – you are required to immediately notify your singing teacher or another relevant person on-site. If it is an emergency, dial 000 on an available phone (yours or ours) and seek emergency help first, before then notifying your teacher of the situation. Your teacher will always act in your best interests and, if you are a minor, will act in accordance with State and Federal laws, to the best of their knowledge and skill, to ensure your safety.

Minors – security and safety

Parents / guardians must ensure minors in their care are dropped off and picked up for singing lessons in a safe, secure manner. Children are not to be left unattended on the grounds at any time. Teachers will ensure minors remain in the studio room until collected, if parent / guardian is running late. Minors are not permitted to loiter without adult supervision.


Lesson / tuition payments may be made in cash, by bank transfer, direct deposit or cheque. It is our preference that lessons be paid in full by each 10-week term, however if you need to pay weekly, we are more than happy to accommodate this. Lessons must be paid for on or before the date of your scheduled lesson.

Pricing Variations

Lesson / tuition pricing is subject to change at our discretion. Any changes will be notified to you by email in advance.

Blue Cards

All Ricochet Studios teachers hold a relevant ‘Safe to work with children’ card (in Queensland, these are called “Blue Cards”). This ensures that you know our teachers are fit and safe to work with your child in the studio for the purposes of providing singing lessons.


The Studio holds relevant third-party indemnity insurances.