Vocal Workshops with Dr Dan Jess

Available anywhere in the world.

Dr Dan Jess’s Vocal Seminars have been designed with both small and large groups in mind. If your group is wanting to develop their contemporary, musical theatre or classical singing skills broadly by leveraging expert knowledge and skills, then you can enjoy this lecture-meets-workshop style seminar in a venue of your choosing.

Dr Dan has hosted well over 150 seminars, conferences, workshops, masterclasses and other events in the past for community groups, churches, choirs, independent organizations, universities, bands, school groups and professional associations such as ANATS and MTAQ.

With a flexible, engaging and funny presenting style, Dr Dan Jess will adapt the seminar or workshop to your group’s exact needs, to ensure clear outcomes are met from the event. Dr Dan is a leading authority in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia on sacred solo performance (including church music) and is a regular guest presenter at sacred music conferences and summits around the world.


Vocal seminars are custom built for your group by selecting the desired focus areas from a range of possible modules, each approximately 60 minutes duration:

  • Cross-Over Technique (Classical-Contemporary)
  • Vocal Anatomy
  • Twang and Belt
  • Voice Care
  • Interpretation for Vocalists (Solo, Mixed Voices or Group focus)
  • Vocal Registration
  • Warm-ups
  • Harmony and Blend
  • Breath Management
  • Stage Craft and Movement
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Microphone Technique

Dr Dan and his team will work closely with you to ensure the modules most important for your vocal group at the time are selected and built together across the specific time frame.


As you would expect from any specialist, Dr Dan Jess provides your group with complimentary take-home materials (printed) that can be used to further their training, continue to advance their skills and to ensure each participant gets the most out of the seminar possible.

  • Vocal Structure & Care (10 pages)
  • Interpretation for Singers (15 pages)
  • And a series of shorter articles, selected specifically for your group’s needs.


In addition to the selected modules providing a master class as a component of the longer seminars is always recommended. A master class is an opportunity for individual singers to receive individualised attention and coaching with a twist; instead of a private lesson they are trained and demonstrate in front of the whole group. This is always an enlightening experience for the group and often an empowering experience for participants as they engage new skills with guidance and direction.

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