Why choose singing lessons with Dr Dan Jess in Brisbane?

Singing should be simple and easy. Singing lessons with Dr Dan Jess in Brisbane can help you learn to sing in the quickest and simplest way possible.

Singing lessons are one of our most important disciplines. As singers, our voice is our instrument. As it’s an instrument we carry around with us every day, it is very easy to damage it.

A good vocal coach or mentor can help you become aware of the damage you may be causing to your vocal chords and teach you to take care better care of your voice. If you can speak you can sing. Singing is about learning to use your singing muscles, the same muscles that you use to speak.

At Dr Dan Jess’ singing studios in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, we have developed special exercises for all types of singers and even people who have trouble holding a note. We’ve crafted lessons on perfecting your pitch, so you can hear when you are out of tune… And get ready! You’ll have to put in daily voice work to learn to sing if you have trouble with your pitch to forge new connection between your ears, your brain, and your singing muscles.

But you can do it!

Singing Lessons Brisbane – We believe everyone can sing

At Dr Dan Jess singing studios, through our singing lessons in Brisbane we will teach you what you need to learn to sing!

Whether you’re a complete beginner, tone death, or already an accomplished singer in a band, Dr Dan can make you a better singer!

Your singing lessons will begin with you learning about your singing instrument; your voice. Your anatomy, stance, and breathing all have an effect. We will teach you an understanding of singing health and how to look after your voice.

We will teach you special vocal exercises to help you to sing louder or higher. These exercises will help you to become familiar with your voice and to be sensitive to your singing instrument. Once you have acquired these skills, you will be amazed at how your voice develops!

During your first singing lesson, be sure to let your mentor know about where you sing (in a band or with friends) and where you’d like to take your voice. We’d also like to address any trouble you identify with your voice. If you can bring examples of your music or the music that you would like to sing, that would be most helpful in our journey to reach your goals!

I want to sing for a living!

I want to be the best singer I possibly can! 

If you answer “YES” to the above statements, you’ve come to the right website.

Great singers aren’t born. They are made. When you take Dr Dan Jess’ singing lessons, we make them all the time! As long as you can make the daily commitment of practising and exercising your voice. Your mentor can help you to unlock the potential of your voice.

Whatever style of singing that you would like to find success in, the fundamental technique is the same. Your singing lesson will cover the exercises and techniques needed to discover your natural voice. We will improve your pitch, range, and resonance. Once you are confident with your natural voice, you will be ready to make the stylistic changes that are appropriate for the vocal music that you write. Whether you want to learn to sing Rock, learn to sing Pop, learn to sing Jazz or R’n’B, or maybe learn to sing for musical theatre or even heavy metal, you can learn to project in the most beautiful way.

In our lessons, you will explore the repertoire appropriate for your vocal style of singing. With Dr Dan Jess, you will also experience performance opportunities to learn to use your voice on stage. After all, you’re learning to sing for a reason, right?

Becoming a professional singer is more than just a lifestyle choice. It requires great dedication and time, but you can do it and we can help you. Dr Dan Jess is Brisbane’s best singing teacher and has taught hundreds of professional singers around the world.

During your first singing lesson, be sure to let your mentor know if you have professional singing aspirations. Your mentor will help you understand what you need to do and what to expect as you progress in your singing lessons.

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